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Couples and Individual Therapy in Orleans, ON
Lora Bradford, RP

COVID-19:  The office is temporarily closed for in-person sessions. 
Counselling services will be offered only through confidential telephone or video platforms, until further notice.

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Lakeridge Counselling

At Lakeridge Counselling & Consulting Services we are dedicated to providing you the help you need to improve your well-being and resolve issues and concerns adversely affecting the quality of your life.

Couples Therapy 

... communication problems ...

... frequent arguments ... 

... estranged partners ... 

... betrayed trust ... 

... separation ...divorce ...

Couples Therapy can help rebuild trust between partners, redefine relationship and personal boundaries, resolve feelings of inadequacy, clarify a sense of belonging, improve intimacy and affection issues, reduce overall stress ... but it is all up to you ... Are you ready to give it a try?

Individual Therapy can help you improve your behavior, communication or social functioning if you are experiencing overwhelming stress, grief, anger, anxiety, depression, family or work conflict. 

Take the first step to helping yourself. 

Lakeridge Counselling & Consulting Services is now conveniently located at the Innes & Tenth Centre in Orleans to provide easy access to in-person services for clients from Ottawa, Orleans, Navan and Cumberland-Rockland area. Flexible appointment times are available to fit your busy schedule.



Please confirm your insurance coverage and limitations for services provided by a Registered Psychotherapist  with your insurance provider.

LCCS has now moved to the Innes & Tenth Centre in Orleans
4473 Innes Road, Suite 402E, Orleans, Ontario K4A3J7, Canada


Avg Cost (per session):

$155 (+HST)             

Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal; E-transfer; Visa; Master Card