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Couples and Individual Therapy in Orleans, ON
Lora Bradford, RP

Couples Therapy

couples therapy
couples therapy
Couples Therapy

Are you tired of arguing with your partner?

Do you feel like he or she just can't hear you? 

Are you often hurt and angry ...?

Feeling discouraged ... alone ... not good enough ...?

Couples Therapy can be helpful for angry or estranged couples, struggling with frequent arguments and betrayed trust, or heading for separation and divorce. Couples therapy aims to help you improve your knowledge about yourself, your partner and the patterns of interaction between the two of you. You and your partner can learn to overcome individual blocks and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to be in the relationship you both want to be in.

Here is the fine print: The more effort you are willing to put in (while in therapy), the more likely you are to get the outcome you desire ... 

Will you pass this opportunity, or will you take it and work towards building the life and relationship you want?!

Awaken your happiness

You can reconnect and love again!

We can support you and your partner, help you generate solutions and make improvements if you are going through a difficult time in your relationship, living in a blended family, or experiencing barriers in your communication. 

"The fundamental guarantee of marriage, the meaning of marital happiness, is the feeling that you are worthwhile, that you cannot be replaced, that your partner needs you, that you are acting well, and that you are a fellow human and a true friend."

Alfred Adler